Reviews and comments

Here is a small sample of the comments we've received


"He did a fantastic job, by far the best guest speaker I have seen all year."

"He kept the attention of the audience really well. I was interested and engaged the entire time."

"He was very good at interacting with the audience and keeping everyone involved and able to pay attention."

"I loved Lew's sense of humor, he was not like any other normal presenter. He wasn't boring, he captivated the audience and presented the information in a memorable and interesting, unique way to make it lasting."

"Keeping the class engaged with magic."

"The presenter gave information and entertained us so we were captivated the whole time"

"Kept everyone engaged and interested. I loved this presentation."

"He not only presented on the important topics but it made it fun to learn about it and in between made us laugh. He also was clear on what to do when applying for a job and the interview process."

"He made the things very real and connected it all back to me as an individual."

"He has experience, and was able to keep the audience's attention."

Magic Show:

 "Totally blew my mind with the magic!"

"Very entertaining. Kept everyone engaged. He was very funny. The magic was excellent."